About Us

Progressive Realty Services, LLC was started by Derek and Julie Dougherty in 2006. The company sells residential real estate and timberland properties in North Georgia and timberland properties in North & South Carolina.


Ever have an agent of salesperson that doesn’t really listen to you? Like the car salesman that only shows you cars costing $20k when you’ve told him you’re only willing to pay $15k? Our home selling professionals will listen to you and question where appropriate to define the property that you are seeking

With the desired property identified, we will complete a search of properties in the area of interest. These properties will be preserved and showing will be arranged as beneficial. Once offers are made and accepted, we will help with the closing, arranging for inspections, meeting with contractors, and walking you through the necessary processes, all with a goal of quality customer service.

We want your listings! Contact an agent today and get a FREE consultation and comparative market analysis.

Meet our staff

Derek Dougherty
Owner / SC, NC, & GA

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Phone: (888) 285-0947

Mobile: (910) 827-4290

Julie Dougherty
Owner / NC & GA

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Phone: (706) 795-0055

Mobile: (706) 614-4610